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I started doing collages with portraits because after some point photography alone wasn’t enough for me to tell the story I wanted, it lacked something deeper, intentionality. My way of producing them is similar to a meditative state, I start by reflecting on the person, on their answers to a questionnaire I gave to them before. I want to know details like colors, flowers, how they see themselves. After that I trust my feelings, I mount the image as if it were embroidered but on an organic level. I want to transform my collages into reliquaries of the subject. They keep something almost sacred about their narratives.

I started with friends but I decided to expand, so I’m open to making “embroidered” images of everyone who may want them. Just ask me. They can be a wonderful way of gifting a loving one or yourself. You may want to celebrate something with a special portrait. And for those cases I also recommend having the printed version. There is something in the experience of being in front of a print with its rich colors that make the online version a sad phantom of what it can be.  I care about printing quality, so I take care that they are only printed in high-quality paper, archival, which means they are going to last for a long time and you don’t have to worry about it.

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