Hello, thank you for coming here! Here you can find some samples of my previous work as a food photographer. This is a field where a great level of artistic skill is required. You need to understand not only light and colors but also how to tell a story, how to provoke desire for the food. I have been lucky enough to have worked with great chefs, and every time I feel I learned something more about how special gastronomy can be. To eat good food is, after all, a celebration of life. Through food we taste the flavor of a particular moment in existence. The sun that touches a tomato, a mushroom of a rainy season, the freshness of a herb just picked, the sweetness of a ripe strawberry. Is all in there, all those moments collected and gathered in a plate for us to share with our special ones. There is something deeply nostalgic about food, it’s a collection of a past of birth, harvest, care, preparation. We can be transported again to a special moment when we try again the same recipe of a dish, but we know it is impossible to taste the same flavor twice. And yet, through food we can be connected to a memory, to a culture, to an identity. Food deserves respect, it tells us a story, and that is what I’m aiming for. I’m always hoping to bring a fraction of that story in my photos. More than just an image, I pursue an invitation with my work.