I’m Barbara Kaucher, a Brazilian photographer and illustrator currently living in Finland. And why Finland? It would be better to ask “why not?” My family and I had the opportunity to live here and we fell in love with this country. For me Finland is a continuous source of inspiration, I am absolutely in love with the local nature. I am very lucky to live in a particularly charming region, the Turku archipelago. My affection for the country can be easily seen in the photos and illustrations I produce.

I’ve always been very attached to art since I was a child, since I only ever need a pencil and paper to entertain myself. I was also always very attached to photography, I believe there is something very special about making a particular moment in time eternal. I also think that photographs are a way of connecting with stories and narratives, our own and others.

As I said, I have always enjoyed shooting, but it was after my degree in philosophy that I began to devote myself to photography. Since then, photography has been my language, my refuge, a place where I find myself. More recently I rediscovered the pleasure of spending hours with papers and pencils, and I discovered a new love: watercolor. Since then I have also expressed myself through illustrations.

In Brazil I worked for some years with commercial photography, where I specialized in gastronomy photography, focusing on the production of images for social media and marketing. Currently in Finland I work with the production of images, both photographic and illustrations. I believe a photo or an illustration can be more than just an image. For images to enchant us it is necessary that they have a narrative, they have to refer to memories and sensations, they must provoke feelings. It is this provocation of feelings that I seek in my work.